Executive Environment Agency (ExEA)

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Executive Environment Agency (ExEA)
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Information about the organisation:
Executive Environment Agency (ExEA) is an administration with the Minister of Environment and Water to carry out management, coordination and information functions as regards the control and environmental protection in Bulgaria. It designs and manages the National System for Environmental Monitoring for monitoring and information on the state of environmental components and factors on the complete territory of the country.

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Financing Second Call for Proposals of the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria - Serbia Programme (2014 - 2020) Priority Axis 3: Environment Specific objective 3.2. Nature Protection
Type project: investment measures
Theme: " Impact assessment of atmospheric pollution and the impact of climate change on the state of the forest ecosystem and the biodiversity of the habitat
- small-scale infrastructure investments, including restoration of habitats for biodiversity and improvement of the delivery of ecosystem services;
- provision of modern supplies, actions for improvement of the quality of air.
During the project it will be defined two ecological stations in which to carry out field studies, analyzes and assessments of indicators on the state of the ecosystem and biodiversity. It will be performed surveys and monitoring of the state of the forest ecosystem. For the need of the project it will be supplied equipment as quality measuring equipment for air and meteorological conditions, installations for the collection and assessment of atmospheric deposits, wood waste and lysimeter waters. The selected ecological stations and test areas for field studies will be built on the territory of on Bulgarian State Forest "Samokov" near the ecological station "Govedartsi" and on the territory of the Petrohan.