Updated version 4 of the Project implementation Manual


Updated version of the Project implementation Manual under the First Call for proposals - Version 4 enters into force on 10.10.2017 and is available HERE.

The changes concern mainly the following:

PIM section

Modification content

Contact details, page 4

Name and contact details of National Authority are updated

4. Public Procurement, p. 4.3 – Procurement procedures, Single tender - pages 16-19.

Requirements regarding preparation of tender dossier for service single tender procedure and selection process under service single tender procedure are detailed as per the Instructions published on the Programme website.

6. Reporting, p. 6.2 Assessment of the PPR - pages 40-43.

In the table with sources of verification, additional required documents are added for participation in project events and publicity measures.

7. Financial management of the project, p. 7.2 Validation of expenditures by first level controllers - page 44

Minimum amount of EUR 2500 for verification is set. The First Level Controller will not be assigned for the project partners, which expenditures declared for verification for the reporting period are below EUR 2500.

7. Financial management of the project, p. 7.2 Validation of expenditures by first level controllers, Step 2 - page 46

The period for submission by Bulgarian Project Partners of additionally requested documents concerning validation of expenditures by First Level Controller is changed to 5 days.

7. Financial management of the project, p. 7.3 Submission of request for payment - pages 48-49

The requirement for the Lead Partner to send the Request for Payment to the Joint Secretariat for formal preliminary check before official submission to the MA is removed. The Request for Payment should be sent via Beneficiary Portal to the Managing Authority.

8. Modification of subsidy contact – pages 63 - 69

Requirements for submission of documents related to requests for contract modification are clarified.

8. Modification of subsidy contact, p. 8.1 Modifications concerning project’s content and Modifications requesting notification to the JS – pages 64-65 and 71

The procedure for acceptance of small content changes in the approved project, which will not affect the project’s objectives and outputs and will not jeopardize the successful completion of the project, is changed. They will be no longer approved through the Progress Report, but the Lead Partner will be informed by the Joint Secretariat via the beneficiary portal whether the respective change is acceptable or not.

Annex 14.1 Tender dossiers for Single tenders

In Instructions to tenderers, p. 4 Additional information the term “selection criterion” is replaced by term “award criterion”.

Annex 6 Request for Payment

In the table with Validated Eligible Expenditures per Project Partner the row for “% of the total amount of the operation” is removed.

Annex 8.1 Declaration of Withdrawal of PP

The confirmation and signature of the Lead Partner are removed.

Annex 15 User manual for the beneficiary portal

Instructions are updated in p. IV. Preparation and submission of Project Procurement Plan, V. Entering information for contractors and payments, VI. First level control – request and reporting, VII. Preparation and submission of Requests for payment, VIII. Reporting, IX. Contract modifications.


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