• EC Day 2015 celebration
  • Photo Competition 2015 - photo by Zoran Anastasov
  • Concert under project 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-65
  • Sports playground constructed in Lom under project 2007CB16IPO006-2009-1-62
  • Practical workshop under project 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-34
  • Biking event under project 2007CB16IPO006-2009-1-19
  • EC Day 2013 Medieval Festival
Continuing the tradition from the last 5 years whole Europe is going to celebrate the European...
The First draft of the Guidelines for applicants for the Second Call for project proposals under...
The fourth Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) meeting under Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria - Serbia 2014-...

Our goal is to stimulate the balanced and sustainable development of 
the Bulgaria-Serbia border region integrated in the European space.

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Successful projects under the First Call 2007-13

Successful projects under the Second Call 2007-13

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