• EC Day 2015 celebration
  • Photo Competition 2015 - photo by Zoran Anastasov
  • Concert under project 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-65
  • Sports playground constructed in Lom under project 2007CB16IPO006-2009-1-62
  • Practical workshop under project 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-34
  • Biking event under project 2007CB16IPO006-2009-1-19
  • EC Day 2013 Medieval Festival
The fourth Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) meeting under Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria - Serbia 2014-...
The official ceremony for awarding of the first set of subsidy contracts under the First Call for...
On the 17th of September 2016 Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Programme organized a celebration...

Our goal is to stimulate the balanced and sustainable development of 
the Bulgaria-Serbia border region integrated in the European space.

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Successful projects under the First Call 2007-13

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