Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB007.1.11.075 Balneological tourism - the future of health Municipality of Sapareva Banya Kyustendil
CB007.1.11.095 Promotion of the tourist attractions through interactive exhibition of cultural - historical heritage of the cross-border region Municipality of Pirdop Sofia
CB007.1.11.118 Improvement of intangible cultural heritage in the cross border region City municipality Mediјana, City of Nis Nis
CB007.1.11.124 Conservation, revitalization and exhibition of Early Christian basilica and medieval fortress in cross border region City of Pirot Pirot
CB007.1.11.143 Recreative and sports sites as tourist potential of the region Municipality of Varshets Montana
CB007.1.11.151 Development of tourism in the border region of Bulgaria and Serbia by creating tourist attractions and exhibition of representative cultural and historical sites of the municipalities Surdulica and Pravets Municipality of Surdulica Pcinja
CB007.1.11.220 Tourism and traditions – colorful, entertaining, attractive Pernik regional administration Pernik
CB007.1.11.268 Increasing the tourist information services in the CBC region Touristic Organization of Nis Nis
CB007.1.11.273 The brass band music of Bulgaria and Serbia in support of cross-border festival tourism Municipality of Oryahovo Vratsa
CB007.1.11.307 Health paths and meetings - tourist promotion in the region Municipality of Zemen Pernik
CB007.1.11.308 Development of access to cultural-religious places in Zemen and Bojnik municipalities Municipality of Bojnik Jablanica
CB007.1.11.349 Creating preconditions for better accessibility to touristic attractions in Pantelej and Lom by improving the touristic infrastructure and increasing the number of tourists Municipality of Lom Montana
CB007.1.12.084 AD-VISION Association “Regional partnerships for sustainable development – Vidin” (RPSD - Vidin) Vidin
CB007.1.12.174 Bulgarian-Serbian GourmeTrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia Jablanica
CB007.1.21.030 Young entrepreneurs of today - successful people of tomorrow Local community center "New life 1919" Sofia
CB007.1.21.040 Investment in the health and the prosperity of youth in the Bulgarian – Serbian region City municipality Crveni Krst, City of Nis Nis
CB007.1.21.066 We invest in sport for career development of young people – the motive power of smart growth and cohesion between the Municipalities of Botevgrad and Leskovac Municipality of Botevgrad Sofia
CB007.1.21.129 Development of diagnostic centres for postural and musculoskeletal disorders in school children in Serbia and Bulgaria Sports Association of Knjazevac Zajecar
CB007.1.21.159 To BOND entrepreneurial learning with primary and secondary schools and universities with the aim of curricula enhancement and entrepreneurial competences improvement for the purpose of facilitating employment of young people International Business School Sofia
CB007.1.21.288 Prevention of the demographic collapse in the cross-border region Center for social work - Pirot Pirot
CB007.1.21.314 Investing in Youth Capital through modernization of the Cultural centers in the cross-border region Cultural Centre of Dimitrovgrad Pirot
CB007.1.21.320 Improvement of sports infrastructure as the basis for the development of young sport talents Municipality of Montana Montana
CB007.1.21.343 Grounds for better future of our youth Cultural-Educational Center Boljevac Zajecar
CB007.1.21.378 Virtual Enterprises Foundation for Development of North-Western Bulgaria Montana
CB007.1.22.012 Youth Riders Free Youth Centre Vidin
CB007.1.22.039 Moving Borders for Volunteering Timok Youth Center Zajecar
CB007.1.31.126 Joint Training Programme for Forest Fire Prevention and Management Academy of the Ministry of Interior (AMoI) Sofia
CB007.1.31.189 Improvement of the capacity for risk management in case of major forest fires in the cross-border region - coordination, training, observation, innovative methods and equipment Directorate General Fire Safety and Civil Protection - Ministry of the Interior Outside eligible area - BG
CB007.1.31.217 Joint management of risks in the region - Niska Banja and Kostenets Municipality of Niska Banja Nis
CB007.1.31.247 Joint emergency interventions in Serbian and Bulgarian cross-border region Sector for Emergency Management - Ministry of Interior (SEM MoI), Republic of Serbia Pcinja