Recreative and sports sites as tourist potential of the region

Project code:CB007.1.11.143
Project call:CB007.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:1.1 Tourist Attractiveness
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:18
Project final contract amount:588460.10 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:24.11.2016
Project end date:23.05.2018
Project intervention field:094 - Protection, development and promotion of public cultural and heritage assets
Project summary:

The project aims to support youth in acquiring practical business and entrepreneurship skills, so that they can build on their education and improve economic status. This is achieved through developing and implementing of Virtual Enterprise initiative, simulating real business environment for both entrepreneurs and employees.

Planned activities: Establishing of a shared workspace YES -- “Young Entrepreneurs Space”; Designing of a joint tri-lingual website; Development of Database of potential trainees; Selection of participants; Elaboration of Study and analysis on the potential of the Cross-border region to reduce youth migration; Elaboration of Local Policy Guide on Youth Enterpreneurship; Elaboration of "Virtual Enterprise" Software product; Establishment of virtual companies for self-employment; Joint workshop for P2P learning and exchange for the participants of the Virtual Enterprise after course; Elaboration of manual – necessary documents for establishing a company; Presentation for high-school students; Establishing of virtual companies (Employment);

The outcomes of this project will provide youth with skills, knowledge, better access to further employment and education opportunities regarding entrepreneurship. In addition, the project will provide opportunities to network and learn from each other, which nurtures the culture of learning, and better prepares youth to take an active role in the economy. A more active economic role provides youth with a perspective that they could stay in their own village/town and be accomplished professionally, which reduces migration and, in turn, stimulates balanced and sustainable development of the area.



Leading partner
Municipality of Varshets
Sport center Pirot