Joint management of risks in the region - Niska Banja and Kostenets

Project code:CB007.1.31.217
Project call:CB007.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:3.1 Joint Risk Management
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:24
Project final contract amount:583731.42 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:23.11.2016
Project end date:22.11.2018
Project intervention field:087 - Adaptation to climate change measures and prevention and management of climate related risks e.g. erosion, fires, flooding, storms and drought, including awareness raising, civil protection and disaster management systems and infrastructures
Project summary:

The main objective of the project: Improving the joint risk management in the cross-border area of municipalities of Niska Banja and Kostenets. The support of development of local government will be realized by creating conditions for increasing the quality of security and diversification of supply in the provision of prevention according to international standards and related laws. Specific objectives: Developing the effectiveness of the action of local risk management units in Niska Banja and Kostenets by purchasing high performance emergency equipment to prevent and mitigate disasters, increasing the intervention forces level of preparedness through common exercises and training, raising awareness among stakeholders and population on common risk management.

The project envisages: Acquisition of Emergency intervention equipment and machinery for quickly and efficiently respond to flood and fire emergency situations in Niska Banja. - Acquisition of Emergency intervention equipment and machinery for quickly and efficiently respond to fire emergency situations in Kostenets. - Seminar “Sharing experience in fighting with disaster” was held. - Organized and carried out of event “Roundtable - raising awareness among stakeholders on common risk management” and development of Joint Action plan. - Joint exercises and training for simulating cross-border disaster in Niska Banja and Kostenets.


Leading partner
Municipality of Niska Banja
Municipality of Kostenets