Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB007.1.31.247 Joint emergency interventions in Serbian and Bulgarian cross-border region Sector for Emergency Management - Ministry of Interior (SEM MoI), Republic of Serbia Pcinja
CB007.1.31.287 Joint prevention and mitigation of the consequences of natural and man-made cross-border disasters in the municipalities of Svoge and Merošina Municipality of Svoge Sofia
CB007.1.31.304 Prevention and mitigation of consequences of man-made cross-border disasters in the region Vidin-Zajecar Municipality of Vidin Vidin
CB007.1.31.316 Reducing flooding related risk through rehabilitation of flood protection infrastructure in Dupnitsa and suppy of specialized equipment for floods prevention in Gadžin Han Municipality of Dupnitsa Kyustendil
CB007.1.31.348 Forest Fire Fighters Municipality of Boljevac Zajecar
CB007.1.31.364 Measures for establishment of flood prevention and quick reaction conditions in Chiprovci and Bolevac Chiprovtsi, Alternative dnd Development - CHAR Montana
CB007.1.32.224 Clean and Green Life (CGL) Municipality of Kula Vidin
CB007.1.32.318 Preservation and improvement of the environment in the cross-border region through composting of biodegradable waste Association Bulgaria in Europe Vidin
CB007.1.32.361 Joint cross border initiatives for creation of eco friendly region Association "Technological Institute Of Aquaculture” Montana
CB007.2.11.098 IMPRESS – Investment Management for PREservation of the cultural heritage in the croSS-border region Municipality of Bojnik Jablanica
CB007.2.11.204 Increasing the touristic attractiveness of Sofia and Nis Municipality of Sofia Outside eligible area - BG
CB007.2.11.224 Heterotopias Municipality of Botevgrad Sofia
CB007.2.12.032 Via Militaris-A Corridor for Sustainable Tourism Development Regional Development Agency South Nis Nis
CB007.2.12.034 Improving the winter tourist offer in Sokobanja and Varshets municipalities - Winter Cross-Border Tour: Varshets-Sokobanja Municipality of Varshets Montana
CB007.2.12.068 Tourism and futurism NGO Local Initiative for Varshets Montana
CB007.2.13.035 Taste of Stara planina Association Manifesto Zajecar
CB007.2.13.045 Joint initiatives and capacity building for improvement of “Soul of the Balkans” wine rout Association Soul of the Balkans Zajecar
CB007.2.13.047 Digital Intangible cultural heritage Association for tourism promotion - Vidin Vidin
CB007.2.13.055 Bike and Wine ARDBC-Vidin Vidin
CB007.2.13.076 Sailing on the Danube Tourist Association Bononia Vidin
CB007.2.13.091 Dance and play together City Municipality of Mediana, City of Nis Nis
CB007.2.13.212 Virtual reality and education for tourism development Association “Regional partnerships for sustainable development – Vidin” (RPSD - Vidin) Vidin
CB007.2.22.010 We have a dream Association Center for Development Montanesium, Republic of Bulgaria Montana
CB007.2.22.028 Region of Youth Participation Free Youth Centre Vidin
CB007.2.22.078 Youth networking for economic exchange in the cross-border region National Association Legal Initiative for Open Government Montana
CB007.2.22.088 Youth network for sport and health Municipality of Boljevac Zajecar
CB007.2.22.112 WellBeCome Association Azbukari Sofia
CB007.2.22.143 Youth energy to support local communities - strengthening youth participation in solving public issues through representive democracy and civil society Association Union for Bulgaria Sofia
CB007.2.22.172 Creative Caravan Faculty of Economics in Nis Nis
CB007.2.31.131 Prevention and joint capacity buildings for early warning and reaction of fires Municipality of Majdanpek Bor