Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB007.2.13.091 Dance and play together City Municipality of Mediana, City of Nis Nis
CB007.2.13.093 Integrated Tourism Offer AzBuki Nis
CB007.2.13.173 Folklore in cross-border region - key to European cultural identity Municipality of Razanj Nis
CB007.2.13.174 Cross-border cultural networking for joint future Municipality of Babušnica Pirot
CB007.2.13.188 Traditional festivities at the neighbor Assosiation "Amateur theater Barja", Surdulica Pcinja
CB007.2.13.212 Virtual reality and education for tourism development Association “Regional partnerships for sustainable development – Vidin” (RPSD - Vidin) Vidin
CB007.2.13.225 QuesTour - Valorisation and capitalization of unexplored tourism cultural and historical routes in the cross-border region Bulgaria-Serbia National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide" Outside eligible area - BG
CB007.2.21.072 Sport activities for young - Future for all in the cross-border region City of Pirot Pirot
CB007.2.22.010 We have a dream Association Center for Development Montanesium, Republic of Bulgaria Montana
CB007.2.22.022 Be Hero Center for Educational Initiatives Association Sofia
CB007.2.22.028 Region of Youth Participation Free Youth Centre Vidin
CB007.2.22.036 Adapted physical activity and sports - Youths for Youths Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development Pernik
CB007.2.22.053 Youth Leadership Network NEW ROAD ASSOCIATION Vratsa
CB007.2.22.065 Moving Borders for Emergency Volunteering Timoк Youth Center Zajecar
CB007.2.22.078 Youth networking for economic exchange in the cross-border region National Association Legal Initiative for Open Government Montana
CB007.2.22.088 Youth network for sport and health Municipality of Boljevac Zajecar
CB007.2.22.099 The school - a place where we support young people for a healthy lifestyle Association NIE INdependent Innovative UnitEd Kyustendil
CB007.2.22.112 WellBeCome Association Azbukari Sofia
CB007.2.22.143 Youth energy to support local communities - strengthening youth participation in solving public issues through representive democracy and civil society Association Union for Bulgaria Sofia
CB007.2.22.172 Creative Caravan Faculty of Economics in Nis Nis
CB007.2.22.207 Sustainable Global Objectives Applied by Local Youths (GOAL) Sustainable Global Objectives Applied by Local Youths (GOAL) Nis
CB007.2.22.227 YOUTH DIGITAL SPACES Vocational School of Tourism "Nikola Yonkov Vaptasrov Kyustendil
CB007.2.22.231 Youth art network Chitalishte "Razvitie - 1893" Vidin
CB007.2.31.131 Prevention and joint capacity buildings for early warning and reaction of fires Municipality of Majdanpek Bor
CB007.2.31.141 Implement Smart Policies for Management, Monitoring and Environmental Prevention Municipality of Trgovište Pcinja
CB007.2.31.169 Joint measures for green infrastructure Municipality of Knjazevac Zajecar
CB007.2.31.178 Setting up of a System for Prevention and Early Warning of Floods Municipality of Etropole Sofia
CB007.2.32.025 Joint initiatives for nature protection trough improvement of the quality of air, soil and water in the cross-border region Municipality of Pirdop Sofia
CB007.2.32.050 Soil preservation initiative now! SPIN RARIS - Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia Zajecar
CB007.2.32.079 Field laboratories for examination of the quality of water and soils Municipality of Boychinovci Montana