Via Militaris-A Corridor for Sustainable Tourism Development

Project code:CB007.2.12.032
Project call:CB007.2
Priority axis / Specific objective:1.2 Cross-Border Touristic Product:
Type of project:Soft
Project duration in months:15
Project final contract amount:137840.45 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:17.05.2019
Project end date:28.09.2020
Project intervention field:075 - Development and promotion of tourism services in or for SMEs
Project summary:

Project is aimed at initiating a critical mass providing natural and cultural heritage sites in Via Militaris with an added value, contributing to an improved touristic exploitation of their potential, thus capturing economic benefits for population in cross border region.

The anticipated project activities are: project coordination and management; initial analysis of Via Militaris destination; Assessment of the proposed sites and creation of the joint concept; Living Lab experiment and co-creation; Formulation of the sustainable action plan for Via Militaris; Promotion and dissemination Following the initial analysis of shared touristic potentials of Via Militaris region and their capacities and direct interaction between stakeholders during the workshops and field visits, an experimental Living Lab methodology will be used in co-creation of new touristic concept and sustainable action plan of Via Miltaris together with end users. New concept will be promoted in innovative ways and sustainability secured for 5 years after the project implementation.

Expected results of the project are developed concept for Via Militaris common cross border tourism destination with sustainable action plan that is attractive and affordable for tourists, competitive in times of the economic crisis and able to preserve and enhance the shared values and identity of BG-SR cross border area; created touristic product under brand Via Miliaris-A corridor for sustainable tourism development; created innovative web based tourist infomation and co-creation tool - Living Lab platform and mobile application; stimulating interaction and creating developmental alliances between individuals, businesses and institutions in CBC area.

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Leading partner
Regional Development Agency South Nis
Agency for Economic Development Kostinbrod