Youth Riders

Project code:CB007.1.22.012
Project call:CB007.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:2.2 People-To-People Networking
Type of project:Soft
Project duration in months:15
Project final contract amount:148128.40 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:23.11.2016
Project end date:22.02.2018
Project intervention field:109 - Active inclusion, including with a view to promoting equal opportunities and active participation, and improving employability
Project summary:

Overall objective: Encouraging the cooperation in youth work and youth policy to contribute to integration and socio-economical development in Bulgaria-Serbia cross-border region.

The project envisages: Joint research and analyses of current situation and needs of young people in whole border regions of Bulgaria and Serbia; Selection and preparation of “youth riders” – group of 20 youth activists through joint training; Creation of a Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) – website platform for collaboration; Creation of cross-border training camp in Serbia (support with training facilities); Implementation of two “Youth Rides” – series of public discussions about youth policy in 10 cities/towns in border area (5 per country); Training sessions for youth leaders and youth workers in Bulgaria and Serbia; Cross-border leader camp in Serbia for additional training, creation of CBC network of youth NGOs and political declaration; Publications, etc.

The planned project results include: Two research report- analyzes about current situation of youth in both border regions produced and published; One website on the concept of “Virtual Community of Practice” created; Min.52 young leaders and workers trained on issues related with youth work and policy; 10 international public discussions implemented in 10 towns/cities in border region between youth and decision makers about youth policy; A data base of min. 60 youth/working with youth NGOs from border region created; A data base of min. 60 successfully implemented projects (best practices) in youth field created; One CBC youth training camp supported with training facilities; One political declaration with recommendations to the public authorities adopted by joint youth summit and disseminated; One Collection with data-base of organizations, best practices and other materials from the project published and distributed, etc.

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Leading partner
Free Youth Centre
Association for Development of Children and Youth - OPEN CLUB
Association for local development Kamenica