Promotion of the tourist attractions through interactive exhibition of cultural - historical heritage of the cross-border region

Project code:CB007.1.11.095
Project call:CB007.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:1.1 Tourist Attractiveness
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:12
Project final contract amount:300166.43 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:23.11.2016
Project end date:22.11.2017
Project intervention field:094 - Protection, development and promotion of public cultural and heritage assets
Project summary:

The overall project objective is to stimulate the sustainable tourism development in the cross-border region,through diversification of tourism attractions and promoting the cultural heritage of Pirdop and Palilula.

The project envisages: creating an interactive exhibition of cultural heritage in Pirdop; delivery of equipment for inteactive exhibition of cultural heritage in Palilula; conducting of a joint conference New perspectives on the tourism potential of local cultural heritage in CB region Pirdop and Palilula in Pirdop; conducting a joint conference Innovative approaches for presenting of tourist attraction in the cross-border region Pirdop and Palilula in Palilula; organizing of a joint cultural festival Folklore traditions: Different Cultures - Common Values in Pirdop and Palilula; Elaboration of a film Cultural heritage of Pirdop and Palilula - preserved through the ages.

The project aims: to establish sustainable partnerships in the cross-border region; to increase tourism attractiveness of the cross-border region Pirdop and Palilula; to facilitate cultural exchange for promotion of the regions potential through organization of joint events; to increase public awareness about the project and source of EU funding by implemented communication actions; to increase administrative capacity of municipal administrations to implement projects funded under EU (IPA) Programmes.


Leading partner
Municipality of Pirdop
City municipality of Palilula