Trainings for the management teams of projects in Serbia


Two trainings for the management team members of projects funded under the First call of Interreg-IPA Cross-border cooperation Programme Bulgaria – Serbia were held in Serbia, in Aleksinac on December 6th, and in Nis on December 7th, and were attended by 96 participants.

Lecturers in the trainings were representatives of the Joint secretariat, the Managing authority and the First level control of the Programme. The trainings covered the following topics:

  • Technical and financial implementation of the projects;
  • Public procurement;
  • Verification of expenditures by First level control;
  • Information and visibility;
  • Electronic system for exchange of documents and information.

During the workshops the project management team members had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the project implementation. All questions along with the answers provided will be published.

The feedback about the training was received by 86 participants - 54 participants were highly satisfied with the training, 28 were rather satisfied, and 4 participants did not know how to rate the trainings.

The third training also took place in Nis, on December 13th. The training was directed to investment projects, where application of relevant public procurement procedures for supplies and works were explained to the beneficiaries. The training was held for 62 participants, out of whom 27 evaluated the training as highly satisfactory, and 10 were rather satisfied – the remaining 25 did not provide feedback.

The presentations from the trainings could be found HERE and photos from the events are published in the gallery below.

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