Contact person: 
Slobodan Eftimovski
Information about the organisation: 

AzBuki was founded in 2011 in the city of Nis, Serbia, as a non profit, non governamental organization. The mission of the organization is to develop democratic values, culture and tradition. Some of the objectives are: promotion of youth, development of their potential, knowledge, skills, abilities and creativity, respect for human rights, dignity and equal opportunities for young people promotion of understanding and tolerance between young people from different countries and cultures, intercultural dialogue and cooperation, promotion of European integration.

+381 65 2760962
Short description of the project idea: 

The cross – border impact of the project Right Way to Discover Treasure of Balkan is mostly in the promotion of tourist attractiveness of the cross – border area with the accent on improvement of the tourist attraction accessibility. The region affected by the project results will be better presented to the wider range of potential visitors, especially in the two project countries which is very important for the future development and improvement of the touristic offer in general.