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NGO Organization Drom has about 20 years of organizational experience in the field of education, human rights advocacy and media. In the education field, we have introduced the Roma desegregation model to Eastern Europe. The pilot project was implemented in Vidin by our organization in 2000/2001 when 100 Roma students entered the mainstream school system instead of the Roma Ghetto School. We are very experienced also in using video advocacy tools to promote our activities. We worked closely with WITNESS (New York) to get knowledge and experience in video advocacy. We won international competition with our documentary on Roma and the Desegregation Process in Vidin. We have experience also in human rights campaigning as we actively engaged stakeholders (local authorities, school authorities, parents, media) to get involved in our desegregation project. We are very actively involved also in human rights protection. In particular, previously, we worked very closely with international organizations (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, OSI-New York, OSI-Budapest) to demonstrate cases of ethnic discrimination we found in Vidin and the Northwest Region. We used our lawyers in litigation cases and we provided free legal advice. More recently, we established a Mediation Center to support with free legal advice both, Roma and non-Roma from poor social background. In the last couple of years, we have focused our program on building innovation expertise and delivering innovation skills to the education system. We have experience in business development (agriculture, tourism) and we are closely collaborating with different stakeholders of the education and innovation system.

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--- Danube tourist product
--- Entrepreneurship in the Danube region
--- Innovation skills for the education system