Survey for programme stakeholders: Your feedback is essential for our Programme!


The Managing Authority of the Interreg – IPA Cross-border Programme Bulgaria – Serbia 2014 – 2020 kindly invites you to participate in an online survey for monitoring of result indicators used to measure the achievement of the programme specific objectives. The survey will be open for all interested organizations and individuals until 20th November 2018.

Your contribution would be very important in the monitoring process, and therefore the Managing Authority relies on your active participation in the survey. The questionnaires are also published in Bulgarian and Serbian, so that the Managing Authority will also appreciate involvement of your partners.

You are kindly requested to fill-in one questionnaire for every result indicator.

The questionnaires are available on the links below, as follows:

Questionnaire 1 - Result Indicator 1.2.1: “Increased level of joint and integrated approaches to sustainable tourism development in the border area”

Questionnaire 2 - Result Indicator 1.3.1: “Increased level of community involvement and awareness of sustainable use of cross-border tourist resources”

Questionnaire 3 - Result Indicator 2.1.1: “Level of young people’s satisfaction as regards opportunities for professional and social realisation in the border area”

Questionnaire 4 - Result Indicator 2.2.1: “Increased level of youth involvement in networks across the border”

Questionnaire 5 - Result indicator 3.1.1: “Increased level of preparedness to manage risks of transnational dimension”

Questionnaire 6 - Result indicator 3.2.1: “Increased capacity for nature protection and sustainable use of common natural resources in the border region”

Thank you for your participation and support of this important initiative!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Managing Authority team

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