EUR 23.7 million paid under the INTERREG IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia 2014-2020 Programme


To November 17, 2021, the INTERREG IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia   2014-2020 Programme is being implemented at a good rate. Financial results are a guarantee for the implementation of the programme’s objectives, as for 2021 the absorption of funds fully covers the objective set by the European Commission under the rule "n + 3".

99 subsidy contracts and 6 technical assistance contracts were concluded with a total value of EUR 37.4 million, representing 109.57% of the total programme budget with the approved overcontracting.

The verified expenditure amounts to EUR 21.7 million or 64% of the programme budget, and the certified expenditure amounts to EUR 21 million or 62% of the programme budget. Payments in the amount of EUR 23.7 were made under the programme, representing 70% of its total value.

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